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Hospital Visits: Father will gladly visit any parishioner in the hospital. Remember, though, that the hospitals do not notify us of who is admitted. Please call the rectory if you or a family member is admitted.

Weddings: couples contemplating marriage should make no arrangements prior to notifying their pastor. This should be done at least six months before the date on which they plan to marry. At that time they should request a schedule of the marriage preparation conferences. Because marriage is a sacred and serious commitment, no couple can be suitably served by their priest unless they begin their meeting with him at the earliest possible time before the date of the marriage.

I Need a Sponsor Card: To serve as a sponsor for baptism, confirmation or marriage, a person needs a Certificate of Eligibility from their Pastor testifying to the fact that the person is a practicing Catholic. Active membership is determined by: regular attendance at Mass, registration at the parish for at least six months, use of your parish envelopes (only way to know your attendance) or participation in parish activities. Certificates cannot be issued unless you are previously registered with the Parish.